We believe that Art allows children to express themselves and leave a mark that is personally meaningful. Although all children are creative, the potential to create remains dormant without practice. With practice, the potential to create becomes a reality.

Here at Chelsea Kidz, we are proud to integrate Art into our Playgroup curriculum because the freedom to explore should begin early where young children are at an exploratory stage. We also offer a one of a kind Arts and Craft enrichment programme to pre-schools and kindergartens in a relaxed and hands on environment.

Chelsea Kidz is dedicated to develop student’s artistic skills and knowledge by using a combination of art mediums and professional art tools such as; water colours, acrylics, clay, charcoal, graphite pencils, canvases and much more to deliver the best art classes for our Young Picassos. These elements in turn encourage the progress of fine motor skills and elevate their sense of appreciation of the Arts and Crafts.

Our children go beyond just scribbling on a piece of a paper or splashing paint on a canvas. Enrichment students are recipients of a very tailored Art program. Our art classes are spearheaded by our team of dedicated art teachers who possess the flair and patience to realize the true potential of each Young Picasso and Little Van Gogh.


The Chelsea Picasso Program

The Chelsea Picasso program is designed to develop children of ages 3-4 into creative and thinking Young Picassos.

Each term, our Young Picassos are introduced to famous artists that would in turn inspire their body of work. At the end of the year, our Young Picassos would have mastered substantial art skills to transform themselves into a Little Van Gogh come the year after.

The Chelsea Van Gogh Program

The Chelsea Van Gogh program is designed to advance the skills of children of ages 5-6 into a more creative and thinking Little Van Goghs. The art classes are built on existing skills of students, allowing for more finesse to their creative expressions.

Each term, our Little Van Goghs are introduced to famous artists that would eventually inspire their body of work. At the end of the year, our Little Van Goghs would have achieved significant art skills to prepare them in the future.

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