Yoga Dramatics

Chelsea Kidz is proud to offer a one of a kind enrichment that promises to enhance a child’s confidence as well as strengthen his physical aptitude. Chelsea Yoga Dramatics is a creative culmination of self-expression through physical poses that are child friendly and fun. We believe that our interdisciplinary approach to Speech and Drama through the ancient art of Yoga is exciting, expressive and alive. In today’s busy schedule, many children are often feeling stressed out and anxious. As such, this has led to emotional, mental and physical stress that manifests in their young bodies and mind. Furthermore, in the digital age of today, it is no surprise to see children preoccupied with gadgets consequentially stifling their imagination, focus and flexibility.

Yoga Dramatics is a truly inspirational approach to get children engaged in Drama and the ancient art of Yoga. The benefits of acting and yoga together will help strengthen mind and body connection in a safe and nurtured environment. This is based on the ethos of developing creative physical activities and igniting a passion for drama in a refreshing and fun way!

Benefits of Yoga Dramatics

Increase self-confidence

Build vivid imagination

Nurture creativity

Develop bodily strength

Develop mindfulness

Increase flexibility

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