We believe in unleashing the untapped potential of every child. We recognise that each child is a capable and competent individual in need of mentoring, coaching and emotional support. Our talented pool of trained creative writing instructors, ensures that we keep the interests of every child at the heart of every discussion and decision making. Through our carefully selected mentoring program, each child is given equal opportunity to explore and write in a myriad of creative ways. We help them become not only better writers, but confident individuals with a story to tell.


We champion every child’s right to high quality learning experience. We believe in the inherent value of every child regardless of background and experience. We empower each child with a personable mentorship so that there is no sense of fear, to express themselves with oratorical finesse before an audience. Our students develop curiosity, character and social skills that is critical for their later success in life. With our energetic and enthusiastic enrichment instructors, we ensure that no child is left afraid to speak up and speak out.

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