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Speech and Drama

Educational drama is a creative process that provides children with a wide range of valuable learning experiences. It is improvisational in nature and involves every aspect of the child’s moral, emotional, intellectual, imaginative and physical development.

Our award winning Speech and Drama program promises to facilitate integrative learning with a wide range of sensory-motor activities that are fun and engaging.


Children perform a play or story, incorporating dialogue, role-play, characterisation and improvisation.

Role Play

Children assume a character, role and mannerisms.

Mime and Movement

Acting by using bodily movements and gestures.

Poetry Recitation

Appreciation of language, relying on sounds and images of language to convey emotions.

Choral Reading

Develop the ability to listen and contribute towards the creation of a harmonious recitation.

Reading Aloud

Narrate a poem or verse in front of an audience with vocal and facial expressions.

Concert Performances

“Monkey See, Monkey Do” Performance held at Grassroots GRC

“Rapunzel” Performance held at Grassroots GRC

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