At Chelsea Kidz we believe in the true essence of play. Our playgroup is a gentle introduction for children between the ages of 18 months to 4 years old to pre-school, combining free play with more structured time for arts & crafts and music. All our trained playgroup practitioners adopt a ‘hands on’ approach to bring out the best in every child.

At Chelsea Kidz, we understand that children have varying attention spans, and each child is different, so we provide a variety of enjoyable and stimulating activities during this session, from which the children are free to choose during their free play.

Here at Chelsea Kidz, we believe that creativity stems from a child’s curiosity and imagination, and the best way to develop this important attribute in our child is to make time for purposeful play. We provide opportunities and time for our children to wonder, play and discover. We allow our kids to read and explore subjects that sparks their interest to feed their creative side.

The Chelsea Promise ensures that all our Playgroup children are made to feel special and extraordinary in every way.

*NEW* Chelsea Kidz Playgroup is Expanding!

Download our Playgroup for Business E-Brochure
Download our Playgroup E-Brochure