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Chelsea Kidz’s Brain Champz Literacy is a proven literacy brain based phonics and reading programme that helps to improve student’s ability to read, write and spell using a revolutionary framework of brain techniques that helps in the holistic development of both Left and Right brain. The goal of the programme is to ensure that children read with fluency in less than 10 days. Students of our programme are exposed to a large library of quality stimuli, so to evoke an acute sense of imagination in their brains and thinking. As a result, we are proud to have students with accumulated comprehensive skills for letter recognition at a very early stage. Lessons are fun and exciting especially with the additional use of classical music to help stimulate our students’ thinking.


Our students develop:

  • Mental Dexterity
  • Rich Creativity
  • High Speed Processing Ability

  • Our programme would help students master the techniques of early reading and writing skills using brain based methods in the most creative and comprehensive way
  • We have a systematic assessment to help guide and nurture our students
  • In 10 days our programme will improve their reading accuracy as well as the speed at which they can read
  • Our students are carefully taught the corresponding similarities between phonemes (sounds) and letters to prepare their readiness to read
  • Our systematic synthetic phonics approach would almost help all children to become independent and confident readers, easily
  • Our brain based literacy methods are proven to help students to read fluently even when they are confronted with words they have never seen or heard before

Transform your child into a fluent reader in 10 days!

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