Chelsea Kidz is a private enrichment school founded in 2003 by Kishori Chaudhari, who has 16 years of child education experience in the field of teaching Speech and Drama and Playgroup Management.

Her passion for the field of linguistics and commitment to inculcate a love for learning is the driving force behind the success of Chelsea Kidz. To date, Chelsea Kidz is a proud recipient of the “Best in Stimulating Speech and Drama Learning” 2014/2015 award as voted by Parents World Singapore. Her visionary, fun and engaging enrichment programs has managed and significantly impacted more than 4000 children since 2010 alone.

She is also a firm believer that the river of learning is social and emotional as it is academic. Very early she understood the importance of play and how it can be integrated into learning in a young child. Today, her success in playgroup management is a testament to her belief that young minds learn best through unstructured play because it fuels their curiosity and imagination.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a holistic learning environment in order to develop children who are confident, independent and active lifelong learners who in future will contribute to society and community.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide quality care, aim to educate and enlighten young minds to reach their fullest potential.

Core Values

Building Positive Relationship
Responsibility and Respect towards all
Building Resistance and Reliability

Our Background

Chelsea Kidz has been working with children since 2003. Our enrichment teachers hold certifications from London Teachers’ Training College (L.T.T.C., U.K.) and make up a team of dynamic and result-oriented ESL teachers who are committed to inculcate a passion for learning.

Chelsea Kidz believes in empowering students to succeed and realise their individual goals. Our teachers are trustworthy and approachable individuals with excellent communication skills to work co-operatively with parents and schools to meet the needs of our students. We believe in promoting the philosophy and goals of the school and are committed to continuous upgrading of skills and knowledge.

Our Philosophy

Every child at Chelsea Kidz is viewed as a ‘whole child’ who learns at different pace and in different ways. Each child is unique and should be treated as an individual. It is the mark of a good learning centre that knows each and every child to address those needs that their developing mind requires. With encouragement, children explore the world around them, understanding and caring deeply about the environment and the people who are part of their lives.

We believe that a caring and warm environment is essential for young learners. Our philosophy is to enhance the growth of young children in social, emotional, physical and cognitive development by establishing a developmentally-appropriate program with challenging activities and teaching methods that are filled with love and understanding.

Our Objectives

For Playgroup and Nursery Children

  • To provide learning experiences through hands-on materials.
  • To enhance social interaction amongst friends.
  • To promote language and effective communication skills.
  • To provide opportunities that increase their self-help skills.
  • To emphasize learning of good habits through daily routines.
  • To instill respect and manners to oneself and others.

For the Kinder One and Kinder Two

  • To equip children with necessary skills to prepare for Primary Education.
  • To provide learning experiences through comprehensive academic kindergarten programs.
  • To provide learning opportunities for children through field trips and hands-on activities.
  • To instil moral values and courtesy through good role modeling.